Just a thought ….Secretary of State John Kerry?

Rumors always fly in Washington and it can be hard to figure out what is fact and what is fiction.  It is true that people in Washington like to talk.

One rumor that has been lingering for months is that if President Obama is re-elected and if Secretary of State Hillary Clinton steps down as she has said, Senator John Kerry could become the next Secretary of State.   The talk is that he wants it (and that he wanted it 4 years ago, too but that it went to Secretary Clinton.)  What has been in Senator Kerry’s way to replace Secretary Clinton, per more rumors, is that UN Ambassador Susan Rice (who is said to be close to President Obama) wants the job, too.

Well….the past two weeks may have just been good for Senator Kerry if there is truth to the foregoing chatter in Washington.

Why? I just can’t imagine the blistering questioning at a Senate confirmation hearing Ambassador Rice would get if nominated.   She would have to do some ‘explaining’ about her 5 Sunday shows in which she kept pushing the YouTube video theory of why (or largely why) 4 Americans were murdered in Libya.  Why did she  say that? uninformed ?  carrying the water for the Administration?  either answer could doom her.