Should our UN Ambassador Susan Rice attended PM Netanyahu’s speech at the UN?


Is this rude? and diplomatically stupid?

  I realize Ambassador Rice can’t be in two places at one time…but did she pick correctly? See below.   After her ridiculous statements to 5 Sunday news shows about the YouTube video she seems to be on probation with many Americans….and President Obama declining to meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu…I think she picked wrong.  We should try and show extra respect to Israel under all the circumstance and not give them the ‘short end of the stick.’  We should be sending a message to the entire world (and our presence at the Prime Minister’s speech to the General Assembly sure helps) that we stand with Israel.  In stead she sent the message she ‘traded up for lunch.’

Read below and tell me what you think:

Per US official:



Ambassador Rice was in the chamber ready to hear both Abbas and Netanyahu but as the speeches of others were running late she had to attend a lunch meeting on behalf of Secof State with Foreign Ministers from the UK, China, France and Russia.

Ambassador Rice explained this to both Israeli and Palestinian delegations who both understood.


The U.S. was represented by Under-Secretary Wendy Sherman, Ambassador Joe Torsella, US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro and David Hale, US special envoy to the Middle East