Sudan and South Sudan signed an agreement — but it does NOT address all the problems and does NOT help the people of the Nuba Mountains

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AL is a great website to get the latest on Sudan and South Sudan.  If you click on the link below, it will take you to their program INSIDE STORY and about a 25 minute video: Will Sudan-South Sudan deal work this time? The current deal does not solve the problem of the people in the Nuba Mountain region — the deal they signed only has to do with creating a soft border between the two nations and a shared revenue from the oil (the oil is in South Sudan but the only way to get it to market is via the pipeline in Sudan.) 

I regret that the people of Nuba Mountain continue to suffer as their President continues to bomb them and burn their villages. I fear this newly signed agreement will distract people into thinking the crisis is over.  Settling the oil problem does not end it.

It certainly is not over for the people of the Nuba Mountains.  This is the area where Reverend Franklin Graham (Samaritans Purse) took me in April.  I took pics and you have seen them. 

If you scroll back on GretaWire you will see that WHILE THE AGREEMENT WAS BEING SIGNED by Sudan and South Sudan, President Bashir was actually actively bombing a market where 2000 people had gathered.