“PUPPY LOVE” – check out the article from the Washington Post about PetConnect Rescue!


Girl, 11, has serious case of puppy love 

By Kitson Jazynka

Not many kids can say they get a new puppy every month. But 11-year-old Jackie Edwards can — sometimes she even gets three at a time. She’s a regular pup­­­- pologist, an expert in puppy care, puppy kisses and puppy snuggles.But there’s a catch: Jackie’s family volunteers to foster homeless puppies, which means the sixth-grader has to say goodbye when a dog gets adopted. That’s the hard part about fostering, which is all about caring for a homeless animal while he or she waits to be adopted.

It all started three years ago, when Jackie’s family adopted a dog named Godiva. She thought her dog needed a canine friend. Fostering puppies for PetConnect Rescue, a Potomac-based animal rescue organization that her mom helps run, provided the perfect solution.

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