Here is what the Obama campaign just said aboard Air Force One

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Below was emailed to me by FNC’s Kimberly Schwandt (obviously rough notes):

Subject: Plouffe off-cam gaggle aboard Af1

Date: October 4, 2012 3:39:13 PM EDT



We should be getting more quotes from pool and a transcript hopefully pretty swiftly as well:


Readout of Plouffe gaggle on AF1 (off-cam):

*His main message was that Romney had an theatrically aggressive performance and that he didn’t tell the truth, which he calls “remarkable” that a candidate would do so (esp on 5 trillion dollar cuts). He called it “unprecedented in its dishonesty”

*Reporters press in several different ways if the president was off, if they over-compensated somehow, missed opportunity, etc. Plouffe stayed on message

*They said they would adjust strategy, but based on Romney’s untruths (not necessarily POTUS’ performance)

*Gave way that Romney was a good debater, they had watched tapes, Romney exceeded what was expected

*On line of thinking been four years on debate stage, was soft – said he’s given interviews and press conferences and tried to say essentially faced debate

*On no Bain or 47 percent, when asked said 47 percent was universally known by everyone, bothered voters

*On new ad with debate in it, said that four years ago did immediate releases




15:12:42 romney hiding his plan, plans to cut education funding, if he’s not willing to, we will do it



15:13:01 We viewed this entire campaign we set out back in the spring talk about the president’s record, and gov romney’s vision

15:13:27 we think last night talked about jobs plan, romney’s devastating for the middle class, some of the key issues have been driving both

15:13:47 issues like medicare vouchers, he doubled down on them, centerpiece ability to continue to remind people huge tax cuts not being honest about it

15:14:14 going forward dishonesty it’s hard to remember time in american policy someone who is a major nominee being that fundamentally dishonest

15:14:36 look forward to madison tomorrow in battleground states explain to people the fundamental diff cmomentary on gov romney’s performance

15:14:55 theatrically aggressive performance **** that’s the measure

15:15:07 Is he going to take the lead in Ohio, if not, not going to be presidnet, Iowa? that’s question medicare voucher plan doubled down on it

15:15:26 those concerned on trustworthy and honesty there’s no doubt we think carry foward and make sure people


q- expect not to be as aggressive, think missed opp

15:16:03 I think pres made point romney defensive taxes, we expected him that’s who he was in primary truth not primary concern

15:16:25 he said i don’t have a five trillion dollar, i hope you bear down on that remarkable thing


q- why didn’t pres say that

15:16:42 he did say that, that’s not possible, we’re going to continue making case


q- you know him well harder time with confrontation strategic choice go negative bad over compensatedwhat happened

15:17:17 first of all you guys treated this as theater, we were serious about what we said, he’s a good debater we watched him in primary, skilled at that,

look at 2008, wasn’t always case, the president did make clear on health care, medicare vouchers on tax breaks for oil companies

15:18:00 i think the president made clear wrong direction, I think Romney’s performance unprecedented in its dishonesty despite what said this is what

15:18:29 he’d put ryan budget into law, huge tax cut for rich, medicare voucher doubled down give credit for that, we see all this today tomorrow, i think again in terms of gov romney winning Ohio, same concern, medicare vouchers, opp to auto rescue, people are taking seriously, romney might put forward one graded as aggressive


Q- four years since your guy been on debate stage, do you think to some extent soft

15:19:34 he’s done innumerable press conf, interviews we’ve done a lot of interviews where we are have a dialogue with american people

15:19:54 listen i do think some of this respectfully over weekend people are itching to write the romney come back when went into foreign policy with mccain, we benefited from that romney exceeded b/c did not insult given what they’ve seen so we did that someone in toledo auto parts supplier


q- is he going to be tougher next time?

15:20:52 not going to get into that adjust mitt romney’s dishonesty that’s something basically make people understand

15:21:14 you just can’t wipe that away


Q- No bain or 47 percent deliberate time ran out?

15:21:29 47 percent is universaly known by everyone it bothered voters othres have it’s a fully known thing sure there might have been exchange where that came up our view to say where we want to take on econ first answer, how are we going to create jobs, he layed out plan understand romney much diff my suspicion such an aggressive one of the roles of news media in our society hold potential presidents accountable, that was a remarkable thing pres election marquee idea was never mind


Q- why pres not call

15:22:45 he did said that’s your plan my suspcion causing problems we’re not going to stop now you’ve got an added component being dishonest


Q- added strategy battleground

15:23:14 i think we’ve been making consistent case, people are voting now understanding where president wants middle class out we think he made that consistently we’ve got to continue make consistent case, we had a devastating recession romney wants to return to same and country can’t afford that

15:23:56 he didn’t change that he performed better than thought recent history insult half the country


q- read to call out

15:24:26 I think in tax cut exchange, numbers don’t add up, level last night, can you remember a debate 34 days dismiss their primary idea it’s a remarkable thing, we were ready we are going to have to adjust romney will try to say anything to get advantage, what he will do cuts in education, this is what he’s going to do


Q- fast turnaround ad put together given what happened

15:25:24 four years ago did after each debate thought impt to let people know someone lie to americans you should have some questions whether sit in oval office,

q-you said make adjustments what does that mean, more debate time?


15:25:59 account for romney’s dishonesty

15:26:07 he’ll be prepared and ready, this is a town hall debate, talking to average americans about our vision


q- you talked to him surprised reviews, or say do-over

15:26:32 he thought he made compelling cases diff approaches to cooperate welfare he thought our view has always been an impt attribute we think on display you don’t get diff obama diff plans based on necessity


q- not being aggressive over compenstation

15:27:17 no i think very committed again gov romney put on theatrically aggressive perforamnce we’re going to help you do it chew on romney ran away again we’re not suggesting somehow changed his mind he’s going to cut this is what he believes his very first answer, i don’t have a five trillion dollar


q- regret caution, late innings playing too safe

15:28:18 we’ve been throught his, run hard, fight for every vote always expected it to be close and that’s what this is going to be, ohio iowa nh and see if changes


Kimberly Schwandt • White House Producer •FOX News Channel