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Urgent: Fox Exclusive: Chaffetz returns from Libya after fact-find mission ahead of Wednesday hearing on 9-11 attacks


Per Pergram-Capitol Hill


I’ve just spoken with Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT, pronounced CHAY-fetz), chair of the House Oversight subcommittee looking into the 9-11 attacks in Libya. That panel holds a hearing on the subject Wednesday.


Chaffetz travelled with Gen. Carter Ham, the head of Africom (The US Command over Africa) in Tripoli. Had hoped to go to Benghazi but it is too dangerous.


Chaffetz says it was clear those on the ground there were asking for more support to secure the building in Beghaniz It was denied. They asked for more personnel. They asked for more personnel and were denied.



“Rather than letting security dictate security, they let politics dictate security.”


Chaffetz also tells an interesting story about the US Embassy in Tripoli.


He says the south end of the complex backs up to a private home and a yard. They had put a ladder up against this wall. The person who lived there would put up a ladder and dump his garbage in on the property of the embassy. He says there was no barbed wire.


He says the US let them dump garbage there just because they wanted to be a good neighbor.


Chaffetz says the idea that protests were spurred by the video is dubious at best.


Chad Pergram

FOX News

Senior Producer for Capitol Hill