White House Press Pool Latest!

Subject: In town pool report #1

Time we left: 5:30pm
Time arrived at restaurant: 5:40pm

Information provided by campaign:

On Friday, October 12, President Obama will join the three winners of the final “Dinner with Barack” fundraising contest for dinner at the Smith Commons Dining Room and Public House in Washington, D.C.  The winners are Kimberley Cathey, Mario Orosa and Joe Laliberte.

Kimberley Cathey is a mother of two young sons and is in her eighth year as a speech and language pathologist at a Greensboro, North Carolina public elementary school.  Kim is a dedicated OFA volunteer and often hosts phone-banking parties at her home.  She is a strong supporter of the President because she believes, “he is in tune with the average person.”  She is especially grateful for his work to pass health care reform so her sons never have to worry about the costs of health care while in college, as she did.  Kim’s husband, Ron, will accompany her to dinner.

Mario Orosa is a native Ohioan and has worked in the research and development unit at Goodyear for 12 years.  He is currently a technical specialist there.  Mario supports the President’s decision to rescue the auto industry and invest in American auto workers, because he sees the positive affects not only on his job and the auto industry, but positive affect it had on his North Canton, Ohio community.  Deidra, Mario’s wife, will accompany him to dinner.

Joe Laliberte, a native of New Hampshire, living in Colorado Springs, CO,  is a social studies teacher at a local Colorado Springs middle school.  Joe supports the President because of his unwavering support for DREAMers, many of who are Joe’s students, and the Latino community as a whole.   Joe’s mother, Patti, will attend the dinner with Joe and the President.

Proceeds from the Dinner with Barack fundraising contest go to the Obama Victory Fund, a joint fundraising committee of Obama for America, the Democratic National Committee and several state Democratic parties.