First Lady Michelle Obama – clapping at the debate in contravention of the debate rules?

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Have you seen the articles?  The First Lady got caught on camera clapping?  Oh my….is that REALLY an issue with some?  Whether the First Lady broke a debate rule by spontaneously clapping one time?

If the nation  is arguing about whether the First Lady spontaneously clapped, we have now gone off the deep end.  

I don’t know if she did clap or didn’t clap — clapping when one is happy is not that far off from blinking when it comes to spontaneous reactions — but I do know it is not going to change one vote.  Her clapping one time (if it happened) has zero impact on the election.  It was simply a wife accidentally reacting to something her husband said.  In other words, ‘so what.’

When I watch this debate or any other, I am far more concerned about the economy, healthcare, Libya and other issues than I am if a wife gets a bit excited at her husband’s debate performance.

(As an aside, I do wish my husband would stop spontaneously yelling and/or clapping at the TV when he watches NFL football.  I find his spontaneous reactions sometimes a tad bit obnoxious.  He says he can’t  help it.)

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