More about President Obama’s post debate conversation with audience member Kerry Ladka

This posting updates the GretaWire posting at 3:25pm.

My FNC colleage Sarah Courtney just spoke to Kerry Ladka (the man who asked the Libya question at last night’s Presidential debate.) I have highlighted in red text what I think odd — why did he pedal that video/protest story?  The  terrorism happened Sept 11…..and the President was pedaling it as late as Sept 18 on David Letterman and then September 25 at the UN.  It is weird that he is saying that he wanted ‘all the information’ yet was going out with, at best, misinformation. 

Here are the  notes from her conversation: 


He tells Fox: President did come up to him after the debate and wanted to clarify “why he took so long” to say it was a terror attack, even though the President did briefly mention it in the rose garden


Ladka: “He said he really wanted to take the time to be deliberate, to make sure he had all the information.”


Ladka added the President said especially when dealing with the Middle East it is important not to go too far


Asked about the President’s answer in the debate, he thinks the President held back “for public consumption”


Ladka said he thinks the President “didn’t want to be perceived as agreeing with Romney” in the debate


“I don’t think he wanted to give Romney the feeling he was in any way agreeing with him”


Ladka said he thinks the president is an intelligent guy …. He says the President after the debate wanted to make clear to Ladka the administration’s intent to make “absolutely sure” they had rock solid intel on Benghazi


When asked if President should elaborate more publicly, he said he thinks he will down the road but there may be clandestine work going on obviously and so could be harmful to the investigation that is ongoing


Finally asked if he was satisfied with the clarification, he said, “I don’t want to give him a pass”


But Ladka said he recognizes the President is “in between a rock and a hard place”


“I think when he thoroughly knows what happened he’ll say more and maybe address the American people”