Small world? I received this pic from a boy (ok, now a man) who I went to High School with in Wisconsin – this is Stella

Screen Shot 2012-10-19 at 11.19.26 AM

What a coincidence!  

When I was home in Appleton, Wisconsin this summer for a High School reunion (I never miss them, my high school friends remain my best friends), I learned that one of my high school friends, John Kesler, has a dog who is a relative to my dog Audrey.  What are the odds, right?  Last night during ON THE RECORD at 10pm I noticed an email from him with the pic of Stella.  He said she looks like a devil.  I see the resemblance.

By the way, so you can can compare, below is a mugshot of Audrey (she needed a hair cut…big time)  I took the mugshot after I found paper chewed up all over the living room.  

Maybe Audrey is the devil?   It runs in the family?  (she is very sweet)