More than 20 MILLION (yes, MILLION) weapons “outside of the [Libyan] government’s control

As you know if you read GretaWire often, I read newspapers from all over the word in an effort to better understand issues.  I was reading the Libya Herald and came across this stunning statistic: 20,000,000 weapons!  Read below:

“..During the war, arms from dozens of storage facilities – Qaddafi spent billions on weapons during his four decades in power – were raided by rebels. Combined with those sent by Qatar, there are now more than 20 million handguns, machine guns and assault rifles in existence and these remain outside of the government’s control.


Some of the weapons are held by ordinary Libyans worried about their security and uninterested in relying on a weak police force. The majority of the arms, however, are held by the hundreds of militia groups dotting the country. Former rebels, the militias and their leaders are using these weapons to protect a variety of interests….”

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