What White House Press Secretary Jay Carney just said about the emails the night of the Benghazi crisis (September 11, 2012)

(I have one question….why didn’t the Administration mention the content of the email right away ?   They sure went out with the video story right away…why didn’t they add: “and a specific terrorist group linked to Al Qaeda has also taken responsibility on Facebook and twitter…” That seems to have been buried – even if in unclassified emails.  It would have been easy to tell the American people BOTH the video and terrorist group information and to add they were uncertain which.  Carney says below that they all knew INSTANTANEOUSLY about the terrorist group claim in e email – only American people did not know because they were not told by the Administration. They got the video story.


“There were emails about all sorts of information that was coming available in the aftermath of the attack.  The email you’re referring to was an open source unclassified email referring to an assertion made on a social media site that everyone in this room had access to and knew about instantaneously. There was a variety of information coming in, the whole point of an intelligence community and what they do is to assess strands of information and make judgments about what happened and who was responsible and I would refer you to what we’ve already said about, and what the DNI has said about the initial assessments of the inelegant community and the fact that throughout this process I and others make very clear that our prelim assessments were preliminary, that an investigation was underway and as more facts became available, we would make the American people aware of them. Again this was an open source, unclassified email posting on a facebook site.

I would also note, I think within a few hours  that organization itself claimed that it had not been responsible. Neither should be taken as fact. That’s why there’s an infestation underway.”