Notes from the Press Pool: First Lady Michelle Obama at a fundraiser at the home of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith

The fundraising event for President Barack Obama’s campaign was held at the home of Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith, where the main attendee was the First Lady, Michelle Obama.


The event began at noon and lasted until almost 3:00 p.m., with a lunch took place outdoors under a tent. The crowd gathered on the shores of a lake that is part of a Japanese garden while the cool breeze of the Santa Ana winds moved away the heat that prevailed in the area in previous days.


Around 250 people packed the place, some of them well-known personalities such as Salma Hayek and other families who co-sponsored the event, which was focused on highlighting President Obama’s work and the need to continue receiving the support they have obtained so far from successful personalities who live in the area.


Mrs. Obama arrived just after 1:30 pm but the pool was not brought to the reception area until 2:30. Once there the pool could only listen to the First Lady’s speech but not the presentation made by Ms. Jada Pinkett Smith. When the pool arrived, Mrs. Obama was standing behind the podium, from which they could not distinguish whether she was wearing a dress or a blouse and skirt set.


The First Lady began her presentation by highlighting the time remaining until Election Day. During her speech, those present showed their enthusiasm to support the campaign. On more than one occasion they exclaimed “four more years!” while clapping at the First Lady’s comments and observations. Her remarks were based on the values that she and the president have inherited from their families and taught their daughters.


She also emphasized that her position as First Lady has allowed her to see how arduous and significant the role of a president is and how important those values they treasured are for the well-being of all Americans.


Upon completion of his speech the crowd rose to applaud and began to leave. Members of the pool were the first ones to leave the place.