RUSH LIMBAUGH gave us a ‘shout out!’

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This is really fun for ON THE RECORD at 10pm — a ‘shout out’ from Rush on his radio show today.  OTR’s Justin Wells sent the below:

First Rush said this:

12:08:25 I was watching Greta Van Susteren last night. It was, she had a great show last night. She had Trump on. And Rudy was great last night. And Brit Hume was on the show last night. She asked him about Brit and the media. And Hume said look, I was with the mainstream media for a long time it was ABC news.


Then- a few minutes later…

12:12:31 I watched Condoleeza ,Condoleeza Rice was on Greta last night. For 10 minutes she didn’t say anything. Perfect diplomacy. She didn’t say a word. Greta gave her every opening. Okay, you’re former Secretary of State how would it happen. You got the attack going on, you got the video people are watching it in real time.