White House Press Pool: Behind the Scenes of President’s voting today

Subject: Pool report #10A


Some info from the campaign on the polling site and OFA stop


The polling site: POTUS enters and goes to first table where he will turn in two forms. The first is a request to vote early and the second is a request to cancel his absentee ballot. He will sign both forms at that table and show his ID.


At the second table he will turn in his early vote request form and the absentee cancellation form and his absentee ballot (which will not be counted). He will also be given a card that he will use at the third stop which is the voting machine.


The final stop is an electronic voting machine. My understanding is that you will be able to see the top half of his body. He will fill in and then take the card and turn back in. The vote is registered electronically.


And this from the campaign on the caller in pool report #10:


While stopping by to thank volunteers at the Hyde Park OFA office, the President called Randy Lyon, a volunteer from Dubuque, Iowa and other volunteers to thank them for their hard work already and for all their work over the next 12 days of the campaign.



Reid Epstein