IT IS TIME (actually past time) FOR PRESIDENT OBAMA TO TELL US WHAT REALLY HAPPENED IN LIBYA (and why he and his Administration pushed that video story)

I don’t know why the media – other than Fox and a few others –  refuses to give this story the attention it should have. 4 Americans were killed and the White House has given a silly story and the truth has practically had to be waterboarded out of them!  We still don’t have it.

To the extent Fox news or anyone else misstates anything, blame the White House — they are the ones with all the information and the ones who have allowed this mystery to grow and grow and grow.  We just want the facts.  That is our job.  We are trying to get the information — they are trying to deflect us.  The White House has so far been successful deflecting some news organizations – but not all. 

It is reasonable (and sane) to be suspicious when someone (White House) with ALL the information about the death of 4 Americans withholds it and simultaneously gives a false story (video.)  It would be unreasonable to be satisfied with false and inconsistent stories.