Senator Rubio’s 12 year old daughter in car accident – Senator Rubio left the Gov Romney rally in Florida and headed to his daughter in Miami

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This story just broke so I don’t have much information.  I do know from Carl Cameron’s reporting that the motorcade for Governor Romney pulled over in northern Florida to let Senator Rubio leave the motorcade to go to his daughter in south Florida.  All we know is what is posted on the Miami Herald website below.  Read below and go to the Miami Herald throughout the night for the latest as this paper will have all the information:


Sen. Rubio’s daughter in stable condition following automobile crash


The 12-year-old daughter of Sen. Marco Rubio was hospitalized Saturday after being injured in a traffic accident in Miami, according to a statement released by the senator’s office.


“Senator Rubio’s daughter was involved in a motor vehicle accident earlier today in Miami. She was airlifted to Miami Children’s hospital. She is in stable condition. Senator Rubio was notified of the accident after coming off stage while campaigning with Governor Romney in Kissimmee, Florida. He is enroute to Miami,” said the statement.


Details of the accident are not known at this time.