ANIMALS / PETS DURING HURRICANE SANDY – what you might want to do

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There is no doubt about it — many Americans will need help in the next few to come as this Hurricane slams the USA.  We Of course we should help our fellow Americans first, but if you have a little extra change in your pocket to help find, collect, and feed all the stranded pets, I urge you to contribute to Pet Connect.  Everyone who works at PetConnect is a volunteer….so every dime you give will go towards helping these pets that are likely to be stranded. 

Yes, I gave, and yes, I can and I should.  I have a job and I am lucky.  I will also contribute to Red Cross.  

But, if you have some spare change in your pocket — even $20 — that you might want to contribute, please do. Think about it.  If times are tight, I totally understand and that is why those of us with jobs have a higher responsibility towards our fellow Americans who get stranded …and the pets.

If enough of you give, even small amounts turn giant.