NOTES from my FNC colleague Faith Mangan covering President Clinton campaigning for Pres Obama in Colorado

Below are Faith Mangan’s notes:

A few quick notes before they break down my workspace:


Sen Mark Udall said even Leave it to Beaver is more progressive than Mitt Romney and Romney has taken more positions than a yoga instructor, he’s worried he could get hurt (around 1902). Sen. Michael Benet (around 1923) talked about how election could come down to Colorado and treat it as if it’s going to come down to Colorado.


Pres Clinton said he’s more enthusiastic about Pres Obama this time than when he campaigned for him 3 years ago (around 1926 ET).

While talking about what Romney would do to the economy, “the Romney plan is to have a debt clock at the Republican Convention” (1944 ET). And he drawled this zinger: “if I hired you to fill in hole and you started digging it deeper before you started filling it up, i would UN-hire you.” (between approx 1944-1946 ET).


He touched on energy (significant issue out here) and wind & solar jobs (1931-1933). Given this was a high school for the locale, he talked about how Obama has improved the student loan process and has made it more affordable to go to college (1934-1936 ET)


During Clinton’s wrap (1949 ET) he said it’s a clear choice, not rocket science. And Americans have always kept on going….Now is not the time to chose ideology over evidence.


Pre-program also featured Joe Miklosi and Rep Perlmutter who are in tight, tough and nasty races here.