I see this morning that the CIA has spoken to a number of news organizations about Benghazi yesterday.  If you search  Benghazi on line today, you get identical reports from all the news organizations because of their briefing by the CIA.   Most of these news organizations have been silent about Benghazi until now.  Either they were all fed the truth by the CIA yesterday or they are all being used by the CIA  (take your pick.)  The sudden feeding of the press by the CIA is because Fox has a source who was there in Benghazi who says something different from what the CIA says.   The Fox report obviously provoked the CIA to talk to news organizations  about Benghazi.  FOX certainly did not hide what our source on the ground at the Consulate in Benghazi  is telling us.  I hope in the days and weeks to come that more people who were in Benghazi come forward so we can straighten this out.  The best way to straighten this out is testimony – under oath – from others who were on the ground in Benghazi. Facts are facts – let’s get them.  Since 4 Americans were murdered, and since there are clear conflicts in what the CIA is saying and what our source is saying on some important issues,  this needs to be straightened out and not ignored.

By the way, to the extent there is criticism by some of Fox for pursuing this story when few (almost none) are, what are we supposed to do when we get the information as we have?  Ignore it?  Look the other way when 4 Americans were murdered?  Don’t forget, Foreign Policy reported just yesterday that on October 26 – 6 weeks AFTER the attack and about 5 weeks AFTER the FBI supposedly investigated on the scene at Benghazi – found draft letters dated September 11 at the US Consulate which expressed fear and the possibility of an inside job (that Libyan police were taking picture of inside the compound that very day.)  Our Government’s absolute failure to seize that material themselves when they were there ought to be enough for you to encourage the media to get to the bottom of this.   Add into the mix the weird video story that was pushed for weeks and yes, I think we need more answers.  I have no idea where this will lead — but I do know when I have incomplete answers or conflicts in information.

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