I started my day looking at some of the damage from Hurricane Sandy with Reverend Franklin Graham and Samaritans Purse

HurricaneSandy 15645

Reverend Graham, his wife Jane, my husband and I went up in a helicopter to survey some of the damage from Hurricane Sandy in southern New Jersey and to travel to one of the many areas Samaritans Purse volunteers are working.  Reverend Graham’s organization Samaritan’s Purse already has many, many volunteers on the ground helping people and so Reverend Graham wanted to assess the problem and figure out what to do as the days and the weeks pass.

I post these two pics (there will be many more) just to show you how items – including boats – were lifted up in the air by Hurricane Sandy and deposited in places that they sure do not belong.

I spent much time in Louisiana during Katrina, including surveying the scene by helicopter, and I remember seeing houses in the middle of the road – obviously not belonging there.

Below is a picture — a more distant shot than the one above.  You can see the white speck which is the boat.