Latest from White House Travel Pool

Subject: Travel pool 18

Bill Clinton sounds hoarse as he begins talking.
“I have given my voice in the service of my president,” he said, coughing and clearing his throat.
He said Obama “knows that a budget based on arithmetic is a lot better than one based on illusion.”
Talking about the bipartisanship of the Hurricane Sandy aftermath and other issues, Clinton said, “Barack Obama is a proven cooperator.”
“He has done a good job with a bad hand. He took office when the economy was losing 800,000 jobs a month.”
“He has fulfilled his solemn responsibility to be a good commander-in-chief.”
Clinton sounds at times like he is really struggling with his voice on this chilly, windy night.
He poked fun at Romney for not saying whether he would support equal pay for equal work and other issues. He said Romney “has tied himself in so many knots … he could be hired as the chief contortionist for Cirque de Soleil.” Huge laugh from the crowd.
After warming up the crowd for about 15 minutes, Clinton introduces Obama, and they give each other a big hug.
The president’s remarks are open press.

Dave Boyer
White House correspondent
The Washington Times