Check out the picture on the side of Samaritan’s Purse tractor trailer at Hurricane Sandy – this is one of the volunteers!

truck 16294

Reverend Franklin Graham, the Samaritans Purse volunteers and so many other countless individuals and groups are trying to help those slammed by Hurricane Sandy.  People are really hurting.  

I thought the Samaritans Purse tractor trailer was particularly interesting — a pic of one of their volunteers.  He served in the war, got severely injured (as you will note) yet still finds it within himself to help.  They honored him by putting his pic on the side of the tractor trailer.  

Of course you can’t all help — you may be thousands of miles away or have other personal reasons — but if you have a few extra dollars, you might want to contribute to Samaritans Purse (Click here)  or the Red Cross or any of the other countless groups providing assistance.  All help is much appreciated.