FNC’s Ed Henry: President Obama’s nostalgic move (and this is President Obama’s last campaign…if he loses Tuesday, he will not be back in 2016 per Obama official)

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Below is an email from FNC’s Ed Henry

In a nostalgic move, President Obama is going to be joined on Air Force One Monday by former aides Robert Gibbs and Reggie Love, according to a campaign official


The official noted the President has already said that win or lose this will be his last campaign — no comeback in 2016 if he fails this time. So the President wants some of the people who were with him at the beginning around for the last hours of his last campaign.

Note from me:  much can happen in 4 years.  Even if President Obama loses on Tuesday, and even though he says he won’t run in 2016, how many politicians have said that before (that they won’t run again?)  Much can happen in politics in 4 years (even in 2 days!)  Right now he and Governor Romney are exhausted and probably can’t believe they will ever want to do this again….but politics DOES get in your blood and you can’t get it out.