President Obama campaign latest

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Below is from FNC’s Kelly Chernenkoff:


Waiting for the rest of the AF1 gaggle (being piped into WH live) but sending this now. Quotes are noted as such.


As we’ve reported, Obama will be in Chicago tomorrow. Radio intvus that he’s doing today will air tomorrow and he’ll possibly do more “get out the vote” radio throughout day. He will also likely uphold his tradition to play basketball on election day with friends. Additionally, the campaign says Obama will try to get out and thank campaign volunteers and neighborhood team leaders, but he has no plans to leave the state of Illinois.


Here’s an exchange/quotes re: Romney–


Q: Romney may go to Ohio Tuesday. Will President make stops in competitive states?


President has no plans to leave state of Illinois. Don’t think that will change.

“I will say it’s no surprise that Mitt Romney is headed to Ohio– or, reportedly headed to Ohio tomorrow. Without that state, it’s a rocky road for them to victory. It’s an insurmountable road, I would say. We know that they have been playing a lot of head-faking games and going to states where they don’t have a ground game, they’ve never lead in a poll and we have massive voter registration advantages. Ohio remains a very difficult nut for them to crack and we feel we have a superior ground game and superior campaign in the state and we’re confident of victory there tomorrow.”


Q: if this is contested race, do you have a plan in place?


We are not going to get into hypotheticals. Tied or leading in every single swing state. we’re ahead in early vote in almost every swing state. We feel great about where we are closing this race. We know there is a lot of “vanity”(?) talk from Romney team about # of electoral votes they think they are going to achieve. We’re not get into that kind of prediction. Only thing that matters is more vote for Obama. We’re confident of that.


Q — popular vote victory?

Confid more people in country will support this president when go to polls