This blogger raises an important issue — could Gov Chris Christie help her husband vote? I have no idea how he would like to vote — I only know he votes in Ohio — so any ideas?

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Below is an email I received.  This blogger raises an important issue.  Her husband is generously helping those who are suffering in New Jersey.  Because of his generosity, he is losing his once every 4 years vote for President (and other issues on the ballot.)

He lives in Ohio – a swing state – and now can’t vote because he is in New Jersey.

New Jersey has come with a solution for New Jersey residents — but what about those from elsewhere who are helping?  Should we not figure out a way to have their votes count?

Any thoughts? 

See the email below:



The news is making comments on how the people of NY, NJ and other Sandy affected areas are going to vote on Tuesday. My husband has gone to New Jersey to help restore power. He works for Duke Energy in Cincinnati, Ohio. I am sure he is one of thousands that have gone to help in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy but, no one has made a mention of how they get to vote. He was not given the time to vote before he had to leave for New Jersey and he won’t be back until well after the election. In such a close election year, don’t you think someone should address this issue?


Thank you,

Diana Densford

Maineville, Ohio