WHITE HOUSE PRESS POOL REPORT #4: Pres Obama will continue his election day tradition of playing basketball …and more…


Subject: Pool 4 Gaggle


Jay Carney and Jen Psaki gaggled on the flight. Highlights below, ck transcript.


Jay: Sandy Recovery updates. 205,000 residents have applied for assistance with FEMA, $192 million has been released. Janet Napolitano approved additional assistance for debris removal. Fema head Fugate, along with other officials, was in New York yesterday assessing damage.


On the flight. Potus did Sandy conference call with Fugate, Lew, Napolitano and others.


Psaki did early vote figures for the states visiting today. Wisconsin, obama up 15 pts among those who already voted. Ohio, 29 percent already voted, obama up 24 pts.

Iowa, is “where the journey began for” the president. His hold room in Des Moines will be in old iowa campaign hq. 40 percent already voted, Obama by 23 percent among those.


This evening, Obama will do a number of radio interviews to air tomorrow morning during drive time.


He will continue his tradition of playing basketball on election day.


No plans to leave the state of illinois on Tuesday.


Psaki said its “No surprise that mitt romney is headed to ohio. Without that state its an insurmountable road for them.”


She called Romney Pennsylvania aspirations a “head fake.”


Said they are closely monitoring voting complaints in Florida.


Jay said that Springsteen and Potus sat across from each other in the conference room on the plane, talking about impact of the storm on New Jersey.



Deliberate effort by repubs to curtail voting?


Psaki: “The facts on this front are clear.” Said Florida gov tried to curtail early voting six days early and Ohio secy of state tried to elim 3 voting days before election.



Jay: “We ought to be doing evertything we can to make it easier for people to vote not harder.”


Does obama regret revenge comment?


saki said

“The president never regrets making the case to the American people that if they don’t like the plans Mitt Romney is offering, if they don’t like the raw deal he’s offering to the middle class, that they have the power to vote and cast their vote, their ballot at the voting booth. That was exactly what he was conveying with that comment and absolutely no regrets.”


Why hasn’t he said it again?

“He talks about this in the power of the American people to have a voice in the process often, not only in the campaign trail but in relations to moving policy initiatives forward. I think he was, you know, kind of describing that when he was at that event and we don’t look back and have any regrets. And the truth is if Mitt Romney wants to close his campaign, which he’s doing, attacking the president for saying that the American people have a voice in this process, you know, that’s nothing more than the small ball and scare tactics that we expect from them.”