I have a big question about a CBS’ SIXTY MINUTES interview…..

Screen Shot 2012-11-06 at 4.05.12 PM

No, the question is not about CBS Sixty Minutes withholding all of what President Obama told their correspondent on September 12 about Benghazi until two nights ago (although I do have questions about that!)

I have a different question now.

If you are a Packer fan or share owner (I am both), you notice something big (very big) in this pic posted on www.tvnewser.com about Sixty Minutes interview with Packer QB Aaron Rodgers:

The Sixty Minutes interview – look at the pic above – was NOT done inside Lambeau Field.  That is almost sacrilegious in Wisconsin not to do the interview there!  Do you know what a big deal Lambeau is to Packer fans? If you don’t believe me…ask Weekly Standard Steve Hayes… or RNC Chair Reince Priebus or VP candidate Paul Ryan or former US Senator Russ Feingold or Representative Tammy Baldwin (also candidate for US Senate) …and I could go on and on and on.

Lambeau Field, and paying homage to it, is right up there with Vince Lombardi and Super Bowl trophies.  How could you not interview the Green Bay Quarterback inside Lambeau Field?   

By the way, unlike every other major sports teams venues, the stadium is not named after some big corporation or big bank.  Lambeau Field is tradition.

I made sure when I interviewed Brett Favre in Green Bay that we did the interview inside Lambeau. I pushed for that.  I knew better.

Yeah, I know…I am being silly ..but we do need something a bit lighter today and why not this? So have some fun with this posting.