Rough notes of what Gov Christie said about Governor Romney

Below is from FNC Melanie Schuman…..very rough notes:

11:53:41 listen mitt if this storm hits the way i think it’s going to, i’m off the campaign trail from here til election day. and he said to me, chris, of course, that’s what you have to. do your job, don’t worry about me. i’ll take care of things.

11:53:50 so all this other noise, are coming from no-nothing, disgruntled romney staffers who don’t like the fact that i said nice things about the president of the united states. well that’s too bad for them.

11:54:08 i have an agreement with the only person in that whole operation who’s held the responsibility that i hold and that’s mitt romney. he’s been a governor. he knows.  what i have to do

11:54:22 he told me last sun night he expected no other political travel or help from me over the course of the remaining time between then and the election if in fact the storm hit the way it was projected. if it missed us, i would have been happy to go out on the road and help him, but it didn’t. hardly. by a long shot.

11:54:39 this is what happens, you know, when you get to the end up the campaign and it’s unsure of the results (feed broke up)