SEE PIC: THIS IS NOT COVERING THE MURAL (get a bunch of king size sheets!)

Screen Shot 2012-11-06 at 2.06.55 PM

I don’t think this shows that the mural is covered up — you can still see the Obama campaign emblem.  This feels a bit like one of those game shows where you peel back a few letters and guess what is behind it — only in this case, it is easy.  It is obviously the President and his campaign emblem.

I thought the polling official who was in charge of this polling location with the mural, who allowed the poll to open with the mural acted stupidly….now this painfully absurd half effort to cover it only lowers my view of the person in charge. 

Send someone to the local department store and buy 2 king size sheets and do it right! 

PS – I guess the Romney/Ryan campaign should be happy the official in charge did not hide the mural with Obama/Biden yard signs, right?