While I have your attention (with the election): Sudan is trying to gag reporters criticizing the government – he doesn’t want you to hear what he is doing

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As you know, I went to Sudan and South Sudan with Reverend Franklin Graham.  Over the months I have repeatedly shown you pictures of starving children, families hiding in caves as President Bashir bombs them and burns their villages.  You have seen my pictures of leaves and bugs — which is what many consider lucky to eat since most have nothing to eat.  All this heartache is due to the actions of Sudan’s President Bashir.

I have also recently reported here on GretaWire that President Bashir, under ICC indictment for genocide has been given a honored visit in Egypt by Egypt’s President Morsi. He should have been arrested when he stepped foot out of  Sudan.  Instead he got a royal visit.

And what about Sudan and Iran? President Bashir is very, very, very  cozy with Iran …..and it goes on and on and on.  

So..don’t be surprised by this story below.  Shutting down the media in his country is his effective weapon to shut the world out from seeing the atrocities he commits.

Sudan seeks to gag critical journalism: watchdog


(AFP) – 3 hours ago


KHARTOUM — Sudan is trying to stifle critical reporting, media watchdog Reporters Without Borders said on Tuesday after authorities seized copies of the independent daily newspaper Al-Wan.


It is the 24th case of its kind recorded by the Paris-based watchdog this year.


“This new case of censorship… is symptomatic of a country where the authorities are trying to gag bothersome press coverage,” the watchdog said on its website.


“Over the same period,