LATEST: White House Press Pool Report 9

Subject: Pool 9 (potus aide chats re ground game)


During flight, a campaign official talked about the ground game on background.


Election night returns unfolded very close to the way their models predicted, with the exception of Colorado. As this official called in throughout the day to what he called “the boiler room” and asked if there were any surprises, each time the answer came back “no.” Their voter turnout models were proving accurate.


The team was surprised at how fast the race was called on Tuesday. In fact, even high-ranking staffers were not with the president when the race was called. On the 37th floor of the Fairmont Hotel, the staffers were in another room while the president and his immediate family were alone in their suite.


In describing the ground game, the official told of a conversation he had with a top field director on Monday. The GOP had tweeted that they had knocked on 75,000 doors in Ohio the day prior. Not to worry, the director said, “we knocked on 376,000.”


Then the president came in, and this aide said, “Tell him the door thing.” So he did. And the president responded, “That’s my team.”


Additional senior staff on AF One today: Valerie Jarrett and Jen Psaki.


Christi Parsons

With thanks to Laura Meckler, Josh Gross and Scott Horsley