ODD: Wisconsin elects Republicans to lead its State Senate (remember that political war?) — yet Wisconsin elects Tammy Baldwin for Senate and votes Pres Obama

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Wisconsin Republicans have retaken full control of state government, winning majorities in both the Senate and Assembly and erasing Democrats’ gains in last summer’s recalls.


Results from Tuesday’s elections show Republicans captured an open Senate seat and four incumbent GOP senators fended off challengers, allowing them to capture the majority, and their colleagues in the Assembly easily held onto their advantage in that chamber.


With Republican Gov. Scott Walker in office, the GOP now has complete control in Madison. And the ramifications are huge: Republicans will be able to pass legislation without a single vote from Democrats and Walker should be able to push through the next state budget with ease, setting himself up for his 2014 re-election bid.


Still, the governor was careful not to alienate Democrats on Tuesday night.


“I look forward to working with members of both parties to grow our economy and create jobs,” Walker said in a statement.


Republicans rode a wave of national discontent over the flagging economy to win the Senate, Assembly and governor’s office in 2010. They used their power to pass a contentious Walker proposal that stripped most public workers of nearly all their union rights.


Enraged Democrats