Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is the problem – the Senate Dems need to pick another Majority Leader

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The nation fights because we don’t have enough money to address all our problems.  We would not fight about entitlements, military spending, taxes or even parking fees if the country were flush with money.  It is the scarcity that creates the fight.   Our dreary financial status has the two political parties clawing at each other.  We can’t begin to be flush with money until we have a budget and can get a grip on our financial condition.  

So why don’t we have one?  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.  He has singlehandedly blocked this.  

Two budgets were proposed and submitted:  one by President Obama, and another by the Republican House of Representatives.  They both tried.  Of course the two budgets were very, very different but both the President and the House Republicans put one ‘on the table’ to discuss and debate which is a badly needed start — but then Senator Harry blocked any discussion, any debate.   He stopped it.

How?  2 ways!

First, Senator Reid made sure that the Senate did not submit a budget of its own so there could be no reconciliation of the 3 budgets.

Second, Senator Reid made sure that neither the President’s budget nor the House’s budget ever made it to the Senate Floor for discussion and debate.

So you tell me, who isn’t trying?  who is the problem?

It is time for Senate Democrats to step up and pick a new Majority Leader, one who is devoted to working on solving problems and not trying to prevent everyone else from trying.    Neither President Obama nor the House Republicans can break the Washington logjam if the Senate Majority Leader continues to create it.   Washington requires 3 signatures to get anything done: the House, the Senate and the President.  If one doesn’t play, it all stops.  There must be a willingness to talk.

What do you think?