So It Looks Like Some May Hit the Jackpot with Obamacare while others hit the skids (is this fair?)

Just read in Barron’s….

After last night’s election victory for President Obama, the Dow fell more than 300 points.  Wall Street got very rattled today.  But alas, not everyone was crying. 

Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) had a great day!  Its shares of stock soared upward today by 9.7% !  That is a giant leap upward. 

But it isn’t just HCA…Medicaid Insurer Centene also has a big day!  Centene stock rose 8.4%!! Why such a big big big jump up?  There is a belief that Centene’s profit will soar along with its membership in the Medicaid programs – all resulting from Obamacare.

Meanwhile…while the two above companies are ‘dancing on the table’ with their soaring new stock prices, others are hitting the skids with their new healthcare prices. 

The CEO of Universal Metals (who will be going ON THE RECORD at 10pm tonight) has just been notified by his company’s provider that his company’s present healthcare policy COSTS will be going up 30% for next year!

Talk about the Democrats montra ‘pay your fair share’ — how could it be fair that a new law causes some some corporate health stocks blasting up today – and others getting slammed?!?!?

  Universal Metals is getting slammed with a new and giant healthcare policy bill (up 30%) – while some companies getting big profits doesn’t sound right.

And more importantly, guess who is going to suffer?  My guess is the employees at Universal Metals are the ones who will be hurt since the cost of their healthcare to the company will probably be prohibitive once the 30% price tag gets added on.  The CEO of Universal Metals wants to give his employees benefits as he has for years — but Obamacare is making it a financial struggle.  A 30% increase is a giant burden. 

So how can it this be fair?  (And no, I don’t have the answer …I only see what is happening to some.)