Time is up! We paid all the politicians while they campaigned and did not govern….time is now up.. nothing has changed…so get back to work today!

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If you think about it, we financed (paid salaries) of all the politicians who ran for re-election.  They had all that time off, paid for by us, and so now they need to get back to work today, not tomorrow.  We have paid a lot of salaries and we have waited a long time.  Time is now up for politicians.  They should be at work today.

And if the politicians don’t know what to do on their first day back to work since August (or even earlier by many) here is a list of tasks for them to get started (and note these are all  the incompleted cycles or unfulfilled promises):

– tax reform

– the fiscal cliff and sequestration

– Immigration reform

– get to the bottom of Bhengazi (something is not right)

and when the above list is finished, there is more.

PS Don’t be fooled by the discussion of lame duck.  There is no lame duck.  Nothing has changed: House is still run by the Republicans, Senate is still run by the Dems and President Obama is re-elected.