Benghazi: Senator Bob Corker of Senate Foreign Relations Committee sends letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

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(I was emailed this letter by FNC’s John Brandt)

Dear Secretary Clinton:

I thank you for complying with requests to release cables, emails and other communications regarding the security situation in Benghazi prior to and since the attack on our consulate. Access to these documents is critical to Congressional understanding of the general security assessments and decisions taken so that we can make changes to avoid such tragic events in the future.


It has come to my attention that only committee members, committee professional staff and the personal staff member of one additional committee member will be permitted to read the documents. Members rely on their staff to help analyze information and provide informed judgments on important issues such as providing appropriate security arrangements for our foreign missions. To that end, I strongly urge you to allow appropriately cleared personal staff for each member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to access these documents, which are so vital to our oversight function.


Thank you for your swift and personal attention to this request.







John Brandt

Capitol Hill Producer, Fox News Channel