Why won’t the President answer questions from the White House Press Corps? He is giving a statement tomorrow – but won’t answer questions

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Press conferences are customary. They are important.

The President is not granting a press conference tomorrow / post election — instead he is doing what he wants to do and that is just reading a statement.  So much for transparency, huh? We can’t get answers to important issues?  I think he is hiding from the press – he doesn’t want the White House Press Corps to ask something.

There is a big difference between answering questions by the White House Press Corps and reading a statement.  At a press conference, the press asks the questions that the press believes important and presumably the President will answer.  With a statement, the President spoon feeds what he wants people to hear and leaves.   A statement means the President is inaccessible.  I don’t even know why he bothers to read it — he might as well just email it.  

Note the rough notes from FNC’s Ed Henry:

Per Ed Henry:


reportable from senior admin official — no news conference tmrw — statement on economy, fiscal cliff, working w/congress


officials say statement will be in East Room — somewhere around 1pm ET — this is his first post-election statement at the White House. He obviously spoke Tues nite at his party