IMPORTANT: State Department says article is wrong and they have made documents available to the Senate

Last night at 6:07pm I posted an article (and link) to a Foreign Policy Magazine story that said the State Department was allowing the Senate to see documents only yesterday and today (days when the Senators are not in DC.)

I am told by a State Department Official this Foreign Policy article is wrong and here is the State Department response:

“Simply put, this two-day window when Senators are out of town stuff is just made up.  The reason these unnamed GOP aides can’t show you that absurd deadline in the letter is because it’s not in the letter because there’s no such absurd deadline.

The Department has made and will continue to make sensitive documents available to the committee’s professional staff – who btw are here during recess – and Members.  The truth of the matter is that Members and Committee staff can review the materials whenever they want, and we have offered to bring the materials up to the committee as many times as Members and staff want.  We’ve made this clear from the outset.  Anyone saying otherwise is playing games.”