It took a sex scandal for some news organizations to get interested in digging into the murder of …

4 Americans at Benghazi on September 11.   Inconsistent statements by the Obama Administration about four dead Americans and a video story that made no sense was not enough for many journalists to investigate….go figure….

Nor did it set off alarms for many journalists when Fox, which was aggressively investigating Bengahzi, was excluded from the two briefings (first State Department and then the CIA.)  It is so transparent that the Obama Administration was trying to punish Fox for doing its job. In other words, “don’t play ball and you won’t get invited.”  Access has a price.

And when the Washington Post editorial board finally had to admit about a week ago that Benghazi is a very serious story that they had not aggressively pursued but Fox had and still is, the Washington Post Board could not help but show its colors and throw in two gratuitous insults about Fox (“scurrilous and blustery” to describe some of our on air discussion of the story they had virtually ignored.)

But now that there is sex….the media wakes up?

(By the way, unlike some, CBS has been doing some great reporting on Benghazi.)