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Last summer Attorney General Eric Holder knew that then CIA Director David Petraeus’ name had come up in  a CRIMINAL investigation.  (See below)  That should have set off alarm bells with him.  That should have been enough to trigger a FAST and COMPLETE investigation and to NOTIFY SENATE AND HOUSE INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEES!  He did not.  Why?  This should have been top priority because of whose name came up — the Director of the CIA!   What in the world did Attorney General Eric Holder think when he learned this?

If you read below, Petraeus was not immediately interviewed (even though he is the top Intell guy at the CIA!  go figure.)  What’s with that?

And then DOJ and FBI dragged their feet interviewing Paula Broadwell (scroll back and see that her second interview was last about 10 days ago.)  If this investigation arose last summer…and if it involved the head of the CIA and the possibility of classified information revealed, why wasn’t this TOP PRIORITY IMMEDIATELY?  

This is the same ‘slow walking’ the FBI, under Atty General Eric Holder, showed in investigating Benghazi.  It took the FBI 2 weeks after September 11 to send FBI to Benghazi, and once there, the investigation was pathetic.  A month after the FBI had been there, Foreign Policy.com, on Oct 26, sent journalists to the Consulate and the discovered documents the FBI did not.  How could the FBI have missed these documents?  didn’t care?  sloppy?

Want more? 

Attorney General Eric Holder and the President did ZERO to get the Tunisian in custody – who was spotted on tape at the Consulate during the attack – to get interviewed.  They claimed Tunisia would not permit the interview.  That is and was a ridiculous excuse.  

Two weeks ago Senator Lindsey Graham, upon learning of the FBI’s failure to interview the Tunsian, sent a letter to the Tunisian Embassy and made a call and, within 24 hours, got the FBI the interview in Tunisia. 

What is the FBI excuse?  They decided it was not a security threat.  How did they decide that?  And just because it is THEIR policy doesn’t mean it is right.  They should have alerted the Senate and House Intel Committees. (And guess what, we were attack on 9/11 = terrorism = while they were busy doing nothing to inform Congress.)

Either the FBI and Attorney General don’t want to do their jobs or they don’t know how.  Take your pick. 

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Also, I can confirm that Holder was informed in late summer that FBI had launched a criminal investigation and that Petraeus was a name coming up in the investigation. However, Holder was not informed at the time of many details (after all, FBI was still investigating that time time — Petraeus etc not interviewed till fall)


Also, we should note (and can cite a “source”) that it’s Long-standing “fbi policy for fbi not to brief congress or white house in the midst of a criminal investigation when not involving a security threat.