Businessman gives his take on Jill Kelley’s role as ‘honorary consul’ to South Korea


The Petraeus sex scandal took yet another bizarre turn today when audio emerged from a 911 call Tampa socialite Jill Kelley made over the weekend to report trespassers on her property. In the call, Kelley asks police for “diplomatic protection” and tells them she is an “honorary consul” to South Korea. (CLICK HERE to listen to the audio)

The Korean Embassy confirmed to ABC News that Kelley is in fact an honorary consul to the country as of this August.

One businessman is shedding light on Kelley’s honorary title. TransGas Development President Adam Victor told us he met Kelley in August at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, where she was introduced to him as a close friend of then-CIA Director David Petraeus who had many business contacts in South Korea.

Victor arranged for her to visit his New York office to discuss potential opportunities in the South Korean coal industry, but he began to question Kelley’s credentials after the meeting. “David Petraeus arranged for her to get that position,” Victor said of Kelley’s honorary consul title. “She may have contacts but she hasn’t negotiated large deals before.”

Victor said Kelley asked for a coal gasification finder’s fee of two percent if a deal materialized – about $80 million in this case –a fee Victor said far exceeds market standards.

“Why would Petraeus appoint her to that position?” Victor asked. “She got a position she wasn’t qualified for through David Petraeus and I have no idea why. I feel that I wasted my time.”

A spokesperson for Petraeus told us he had never heard of the “honorary consul” title.

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