FNC’s Chad Pergram notes from what Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi just said — about Gen Petraeus, her future and much more

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Urgent: Pelosi says Congress should have been notified if the Petraeus issues dealt with national security


Per Pergram-Capitol Hill


On-cam with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), DCCC Chair Steve Israel (D-NY) and Rep.-elect Patrick Murphy (D-FL) who defeated Rep. Allen West (R-FL). Fed back live.


Pelosi on her future:

I’ll let you know at 10 o’clock tomorrow (says she wants to talk to her caucus first at 9 am).


Pelosi on Petraeus after her meeting with acting DCI Mike Morell.



We have to have notification…I think there were some dishonorable things that were done.


* She says if there were issues of national security which pertained to the Petraeus situation..then Congress should have been notified.



This was a personl indiscretion as far as we know.



We someone would do it over email, I don’t know.



The administration believes that they own intelligence.


Pelosi on the new members coming in:

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…



I just defeated someone you all know…a guy named Allen West (applause)



It says something about our pickups when you need a wide-angle lens.



The tea party caucus looks like a re-run of the show “Mad Men.”



Who they are and who they beat is not as important as what they stand for.



We did win 25 seats. We didn’t net 25 seats.



We may not have the majority. We may not have the gavel. But we have unity.




Chad Pergram

FOX News

Senior Producer for Capitol Hill