Just got messier — a month ago, both General Petraeus and General Allen wrote letter of reference for Jill Kelley’s sister who lost custody of her son …

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About a month ago, the two Generals wrote letters to support Jill Kelley’s twin troubled sister’s attempt to regain custody of her son.  She had lost custody of her son because a District of Columbia Superior Court Judge had..

“profound concerns about [Jill Kelley’s twin sister] Ms. Khawam’s poor logical thinking and her extreme distortions” and “severe psychological deficits.” Court documents state that Khawam “was terminated from at least four consecutive positions of employment within the first five years following her graduation from law school, is a psychologically unstable person whose unsteady moral and ethical compass and apparent lack of awareness of her own shortcomings make it impossible for her successfully to navigate her surroundings in a consistent and sustainable way.

The foregoing is from CBSnews.com [reporterSharyl Attkisson] and the link below leads you to the full story. 

Why the two Generals let themselves get dragged into this profoundly messy child custody hearing is a mystery.  Information about the letters they sent the Judge (also posted on CBSnews.com) includes) includes:

“…In the letters, bearing four star general flag emblems, the two generals vouch for Khawam’s loving relationship with her son…” [CBSnews.com]


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