Really…did he have to do this? DCCC Communications Director Jesse Ferguson should be ashamed — there was no reason to put out this press release unless you wanted to make sure that noone would sit down and try to work our political differences and work on solutions to real problems

If you want to know what is wrong with Washington, the press release (below) by DCCC Communications Director Jesse Ferguson will give you a good idea.   He didn’t need to release this.  He did it to ‘pick a fight’ and insult.    He could have (and should have) just remained silent and hoped politicians would ‘bury the hatchet’ and perhaps begin talking to each other.

This unnecessary press release is not a good way to start the new Congress and to persuade the two political parties to sit down and talk about the issues that impact every American.

The parties will never totally agree with each other — but drawing the line in the sand with insults on day 1 is a sure way to make certain no one ever sits down with good heart, and good mind to try and figure out how to solve problems.

Of course it is not the worst thing I ever read by someone in politics — but I post it to show you the juvenile approach that is so painfully present on Capitol Hill…and has started already, even before the Congress news session starts in January.  At a time when we need to work together, we don’t need the gratuitous insults.

Do you agree or not?

PS – This press release is not good communications work but perhaps he think he is a fundraiser and wants to demonize his political opponents to fire up contributions.

Statement on House Republicans Re-electing Same Failed Tea Party Leadership

DCCC Communications Director Jesse Ferguson released the following statement after House Republicans elected Speaker John Boehner and Republican Leader Eric Cantor.

 “House Republicans chose to ignore voters who ousted Tea Party Republican incumbents and forget they’ve driven Congress to record-low approval ratings when they re-elected the same failed Tea Party Republican Leadership. With record-low approval and after voter rejection at the polls, House Republicans just doubled down on more of the same priorities that protect millionaires at the expense of the middle class.”








For Immediate Release, November 14, 2012