Jill Kelley’s MacDill Air Force Base pass suspended


See report from FNC’s Kathleen Reuschle:

MacDill Public Affairs office confirms the following:

Jill Kelley’s “Friends of MacDill ID” was revoked/suspended yesterday due to the ongoing investigation.

To become a Friend of MacDill someone has to nominate you or you can nominate yourself.. You go through a background check and the base commander has final approval.

It’s not really an ID – but a list of 800 names maintained at the entrance to the base. You say you’re a friend of MacDill, show your license and they check the list.

She was added to the list Nov 2010, renewed February 2012, and it was suspended yesterday.

Being on the list gives you the same access as a family member or retiree – so you can visit someone, have lunch or play golf – take part in the “Morale, Welfare, Recreation Services” on base – but are restricted from anything you need a military ID to access.

See article from the Tampa Bay Times for more details:

MacDill Air Force Base program lets civilians like Jill Kelley on base without escort

By William R. Levesque, Tampa Bay Times

TAMPA — The socialite whose friendship with CIA director David Petraeus touched off a sex scandal that led to his resignation had an ID issued by MacDill Air Force Base allowing her daytime visits to the base whenever she desired.

The ID first issued to Jill Kelley in November 2010 was revoked on Tuesday pending a Pentagon investigation, MacDill officials say.

The ID is one of about 800 issued by MacDill’s 6th Air Mobility Wing in a program called Friends of MacDill, which allows select civilians who pass a background check to visit MacDill without being accompanied by someone with a military ID.

The wing serves as something akin to a landlord for other commands at the base, including U.S. Central Command. Petraeus was CentCom’s chief from 2008 to 2010. The wing is in charge of base security, and its armed personnel stand watch at MacDill’s entry gates.

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