THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS: President Obama said UN Ambassador Susan Rice “had nothing to do with Benghazi” — so why did the White House send HER to all the Sunday shows to tell the American people what happened? And why didn’t she ask the obvious questions of the White House before she marched to the TV studios? Would you not have asked questions of the White House before you went on TV?

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The President said the “White House asked Amb Rice to do the TV shows” and that “she had nothing to do with Benghazi” – why do you send someone out to do the Sunday shows with no participation, and with no knowledge ?

And worse, the President says  “she gave her best understanding of the intelligence that been provided to her.” 

So my question to you:  should Ambassador Rice  just take what is handed to her by the White House?  Whatever happened to asking basic questions when something just doesn’t seem right?  Don’t we want people leadership asking questions when something is strange and not just taking marching orders?

From day #1 everyone — except apparently Amb Rice — was suspicious this was terrorism and not a home video.

And…if Ambassador Rice made a simple call to the CIA, or even to the White House,  she would have known that the CIA STATION CHIEF IN LIBYA WITHIN 24 HOURS said it was an attack by a terrorist group.  Go figure…