Beef jerky and defense spending…you won’t believe this report!


Most Republicans insist the Defense Department cannot afford new spending cuts, but Senator Tom Coburn disagrees! Congress’ top waste-watcher released a report today showing billions could be cut from Pentagon spending…spending that has nothing to do with national security.

Here are just some of the ways the defense department is spending (or wasting) your money.

First, there is a research project that created Caffeine Zone 2, an iPhone app that tells people how to schedule their coffee breaks.

Then, $300,000 spent on research into a 150-million-year-old bird. The finding? The bird had black feathers.

Also, over the next decade the Defense Department will spend $9 billion on running grocery stores.

And finally, $1.5 million spent to develop a new roll-up beef jerky! Senator Coburn says that was funded by taking money from a weapons program.

Do you have anything to say about this Defense Department spending? Post your thoughts!