Congressman Michael Conaway said they didn’t get the answers today [from FNC’s Chad Pergram]

Urgent: Conaway on-cam on Patraeus hearing tomorrow: “We’re all sinners.”


On-cam interview with Rep. Michael Conaway (R-TX), a member of the House Intelligence Committee about tomorrow’s hearing with former CIA Director David Petraeus.


Conaway says that tomorrow’s hearing will stick to Benghazi….and says that at today’s hearing, many of the officials simply didn’t have the answers members were looking for…about how the Benghazi attack was described as “spontaneous” and spurred by an anti-Islamic videotape.


Conaway says the committee will “compartmentalize” itself and not stray into the more salicious issues linked to Petraeus now.


“We’re all sinners” Conaway said.


Chad Pergram

FOX News

Senior Producer for Capitol Hill