JUST GOT WEIRDER! Jill Kelley at the WHITE HOUSE on SEPTEMBER 28????? If so, why?

Screen Shot 2012-11-15 at 11.58.32 AM

OK…this is just bizarre.  See below what Tampa socialite and General David Petraeus friend wrote in an email to a reporter on September 28.  Was she at the White House?  Who did she see?  Why was she there?  (and what’s with the honoary Ambassador to US Central Command Coalition?)

“Btw I was made the (honorary) Ambassador to US Central Command’s Coalition!” she told a [Tampa Bay] Times reporter in a Sept. 28 email. “In addition to that, I was just recently appointed to be the Honorary Consulate General to South Korea! I’m in DC today just left from breakfast at the White House. . . . I really hope to see you soon!”